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  Socrates, Plato, & Aristotle are often regarded as THE three classic Greek philosophers. Much of Plato's own writing reflects philosophical conversations (the "dialogues," for example) between his teacher, Socrates, and those with whom Socrates interacted throughout the course of his life. Further removed, Aristotle learned much from Plato-- but took his philosophies concerning justice and society in a unique direction.

   Aristotle, Plato and Socrates were sometimes at odds with their philosophies but that does not lessen the terrific impact they have had on philosophy throughout the world. Plato possessed a decidedly authoritarian view of government, believing that the most perfect system of administration is one that had total and complete rule over the land. However, he also asserted that those brought into control -- the kings and philosophers -- should not have the right to bear children or even own their own property. This, he maintained, would guarantee morality within the regime. It is not so much a restrictive venture as it is one that aspires to uncover limitless hope at the destruction of binding governmental chains.

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