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Plato's 'Republic' / Platonic Utopia Through the ‘Philosopher King'
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A 9 page paper on The Republic. Plato discusses a utopian society ruled by a philosopher king, followed in importance by the spirit-warrior and desire-worker. The philosopher king is Plato's vision of the ruler of the republic. The philosopher king, the ruler comes upon his powers through various means, upbringing and through the study of Forms. This would then qualify him to rule Athens' utopia after a life of study in truth and justice and the other virtues. One primary reference cited.
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Nietzsche And Plato
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The tenets of Christianity have been built on a foundation derived, to a large part, from the philosophies of Plato. Nietzsche was vehemently opposed to Christianity, and by extension, to Plato's most basic of ideas. He thought that the emphasis on the transcendental nature depreciated the value of corporeal life and the innate potentials of man. Plato felt that the striving for perfection in man was directly attributable to the a priori nature of both ideas and moral 'good'. This 4 page paper sets the two philosophers and their philosophies in debate. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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Plato's Theory of the Soul
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An 9 page paper in which the writer supports Plato's theory that the soul is not only immortal, but also can be either healthy or sick. For Plato, a healthy soul is one that is in harmony with the cosmos and strives for wisdom and knowledge. An unhealthy soul cannot recognize responsibilities to the cosmos, and therefore, does not temper desires with reason. The writer supports these ideas using Plato's own texts, including 'Crito,' 'Phaedrus' and The Republic as well as several secondary sources -- all of which are listed in bibliography.
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